• Board of Directors


Duggempudi Venkata reddy is a Chairman of the Board & Managing Director of the company. He is an inspiring leader with a powerful vision and a believer of team work. Apart from implementing the decisions of the board of directors he is also responsible for various operations.
He is heading Sales, Marketing, Product Development & Quality Assurance as the departmental director.
He has 25 years’ experience in various operations in the field of HDPE sacks manufacturing. He is actively involved in the on-going R & D activities, of the company.

Managing Director:

Following the footsteps of his father, Mr. D Ravi Shankar has joined the company as a young, energetic MD, and a strong experience in the industry. He is the key individual in augmenting the company's presence in the international markets by reaching out and partnering with some of the best companies of the world