• Flat Fabric

Laminated & Unlaminated HDPE Fabric

Our range of high quality laminated and unlaminated HDPE fabrics are widely used for wrapping of steel coils, tyres, yarn cones and other industrial products. All the layers of the fabric is treated with UV stabilizers to provide excellent protection and longevity. These fabrics can also be used for covering aircrafts, trucks, tempos, trailer trucks, railway wagons, storage of industrial machines (Without shed in open), agriculture products. This category of HDPE fabric is available in roll form and can be run conveniently on automatic cutting and stitching machines.

Technical Parameters :

  • Length: As per requirement (Available in rolls)
  • Denier: 700 to 800 Mesh: 8 x 8 to 12 x 12 per sq inch
  • Colour: Natural, milky white or any other shade
  • Strength (Wrap): 78 to 108 N
  • Strength (Weft): 69 to 88 N
  • Weight: 50 to 200 gm/mt

Application :

  • Making of Bags, Sacks, Bolsas & Sacos
  • Packing for Textiles, Upholstery, Carpets etc
  • Making Tarpaulin Covers
  • Open Air Storage
  • Transportation by Trucks
  • Storage on Ships
  • Tents & Shelters