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Product Customization

Customization has been our major forte since the inception of the company. We utilize latest machines that provide great flexibility in the production process. We can offer cost-effective packaging solutions designed to meet the industry specific needs of the clients. We offer these bags in different forms and finishes such as PE lining, laminated, unlaminated and BOPP woven bags which are especially used for the packaging needs of food grains, sugar, flour, animal feed etc. Our polypropylene fabric can be produced exactly to the required tubular length for special application in manufacturing of bags, covers, tents, sheds and more.

Customization - PP Woven Bags / Sacks

We custom design and develop packaging solution on the following parameters

  • Weave
  • Material
  • Draw string or zipper
  • PE lining
  • Printing & Logo on both sides
  • Lamination (Option for unlaminated also available)
  • Length
  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Gauge
  • Stitch and sew
  • Seal
  • Gusset
  • Handle
  • Bottom
  • Grade (Food grade)

Customization - Woven Fabrics

We can customize fabric on the following parameters:

  • Single or double fold
  • Multiple layer lamination (Option for unlaminated also available)
  • Weave & mesh
  • Colors
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Gauge